The ladies also got to enjoy a rainy day on the slopestyle course. Jennie-Lee B set the early bar, flowing her way through the course with trademark style to set the early bar with a clean front swap pretz 2 on the down rail and a switch 7 to switch 5 blunt to safety combo down below. Mathilde Gremaud took the lead at the end of run 1 though, diving forward for a bio 9 over the roller in to a super clean switch 7 down below.

Giulia Tanno briefly took the lead with a couple of nice switchups and a stomped dub 10 on the bottom jump. Maggie then put down a second run of the day with totally different tricks to take the lead away immediately. Mathilde Gremaud snuck into second despite an early off on the big elbow rail.

Run 3 saw some fog roll in and ruin things for the first few riders to drop. Giulia put another run down, but didn't move up the rankings. Maggie went close to a dub 12 but crashed hard. Mathilde put down a nice front swap on the elbow, handplanted the QP and then spun on to the big down rail but couldn't move up.

Jennie-Lee was the first to offer up something new on run 4, with back to back switch 7s and incredible style throughout, but it was only enough for fourth without that extra technicality. Giulia Tanno put together another clean run with a 2 on to the big down rail and a switch 9 down the bottom. No movement. Maggie Voisin couldn't put down the dub 12, running out of speed on that final hit, but sat at the top of the rankings watching Mathilde Gremaud and Johanne Killi drop. Mathilde crashed on the switch dub 10 at the bottom ending her challenge. An early off from Johanne Killi did the same for her, leaving Maggie Voisin standing on the top step.

Women's Podium:

3rd Place - Giulia Tanno

2nd Place - Mathilde Gremaud

1st Place - Maggie Voisin