For this 3rd edition of WUP, just like each year, freestyle, fun and freaky antics abounded ! And for 2010 the organisers decided to add an extra day of competition (4 days instead of 3).

Our Young Gun team was in the place ! Unfortunately, destiny was not on their side ? Just 1 hour before handing in the video (which would count for the final rankings) our computer gave up the ghost?May it rest in peace ! Due to this technical incident our Young Gun team was unable to finish in the final rankings. Nonetheless, a big bravo and all our support goes out to them , as the boys were in 3rd place before having to officially pull out of the competition.

But, thanks to a computer that does work, we have received the finished video today, and here it is :

CoreUPT Winter Urban Plagne 2010

We would also like to congratulate the team made up of Tom GRANIER ( kid too) and his friends, who finished in 8th place overall.