At long last everyone within a 30 mile radius of Mt. Mansfield with a good view on a clear day can see the white capped face of Vermont's tallest mountain. Although Stowe's opening day is only a week and a day away they have been blowing snow since the 3rd of this month and currently have 16-24" of base on snowmaking trails. That means next week we will be opening from top to bottom with an assortment of features most likely located on lower North Slope. The First Trick Rail Jam is soon after on November 24th with free entry to anyone with a ticket. In the last week Stowe has received almost 10" of natural snow and if you don't believe me check out the pics below of some dedicated hikers getting some first tracks before the lifts are in motion.

   For everyone excited to know what Stowe has going on this season in their parks here is a little breakdown of whats happening and what will be. Unfortunately I left my camera at Stowe when we were working on the rails so you guys will have to hold tight on construction pictures. We have so far stripped, grinded, and repainted almost half of the features from last year. When that is done we will start to construct 5 to 7 new features that will be unveiled throughout the season. Of these features I can only disclose that there is a strong possibility of a long c-box and most likely a banked box.

    As for the layout of the new park on Spruce Peak: The park will be from top to bottom with an almost exclusive lift (The Sensation Quad). From the top the park will start with a line of 5-8 rails all in a row so you can get max number of hits. This will follow into a rhythm section of 3 progressively bigger jumps. All along the trail there will be natural (logs, stumps, etc.) and man made bonks and jibs to keep you entertained. All of this will lead into the half-pipe which will be groomed by our new Zaugg pipe cutter. At the end of the trail near the half pipe will be a beginner park with small features as well as Burton's Progression Park features. Check back for another update before the season starts of some rail construction and until then think snow!

Also a thanks to Dweezil for the cover picture and this last one was posted on the Burton site last week.