So, depending on when the first snows fall, and the first cold weather gives way to allow the guns to blast, there are currently 60 or less days until ski season 2008/2009 will generally commence.

Skis are arriving in shops, kids are buying new outerwear, everybody seems to be in the market for bindings, IF3 is in a week or so (which sadly, I will be unable to attend), and all the ski movies will hit the market thereafter.

Personally, being here in the San Francisco, I'm most stoked for 'Icer Air 2008'

If you have not heard of Icer Air, its a big air contest hosted every year by the likes of Johnny Moseley, in PacBell/SBC/ATT park (they can never decide on a name and keep it) on the edge of San Francisco Bay.

It attracts some of the top big air skiers out there (last year Jon Olsson won, followed by Dumont, and Sammy Carlson) as well as snowboarders (last year Travis Rice dominated)

I will be attending this event for the 4th time in a row (it started in 2005), and I'm stoked as ever for it. This time will be a little more interesting however, since I'm planning on attending it with the Boone Skis crew - which I am now a part of (if you didnt know already from my posting about their skis in Gear talk.. check them out at

I am extremely ready for this event, because its the closest skiing ever comes to San Francisco. Believe it or not, SF is a HUUUGE hub for skiing and snowboarding, regardless of it being 3.5 hours from the nearest skiing. There are tons of ski and snowboard shops in the area, including D-Stucture's San Francisco store - well known for its ski and skate prowace and support, ever since DS was started by  Phil Belanger in Quebec.

Last year, DSSF heald a huge art show for Eric Pollard, and showed a premier of Eric Iberg's movie - "IDEA". Tons of people came out for the event - open bar and all. It was insane.

I cant wait to find out was Azikiwee Anderson and the rest of the DSSF crew put together for icer air, this time around.

This summer has been pretty wild for me personally.  Its been pretty tortureous working for Any Mountain all summer (its a ski shop run by Vail Resorts) as well as Boone Skis. Running around, making calls, showing people skis, as well as trying to prepare the store i work in for ski season, all summer long.. Its been harsh, having to think of skis and snow all summer, when there isnt any natural snow falling within 10000 miles or so of where i live (thats about 16000km or something, for those who speak metric system). Either way, i've gotten through it, as well as everyone else on this site.

So, snow season is approaching soon! Thank you for helping me out all summer long, I love you guys (no homo).

So lets start making our sacrifices to the snowgods... because I want this season to be GOOOD.