Two weeks ago NS helped Nico Zacek announce a survey he's conducting for his university thesis project. In usual Newschoolers style, we managed to crash the survey host in short time, and give Nico over 700 responses in just a few days!To thank everyone for helping out, Nico has arranged to hook up a few random survey respondents with new gear from his sponsors. The list of winners is below! If you're a winner, you should have already been in touch with Nico. If you haven't heard from him yet, let us know and we'll get you set up!Nico says, "Thanks everybody fot the participation at my survey. It's great to see that

freeskiers are willing to help out their colleagues. Thanks again guys, and

have a nice winter..."Winners:1. Andrew Spickert            2.Evan Grott                3. Mike Strand4. Keith Upton5. Adam Saewitz6. Marschall Mc Kenzie7. Aaron Young8. Hannes Dorfmaier9.  Marco Speck10. Lukas Bärtschi11. Colin Biribauer12. Tobias Berauer13. Luis Hoffmann14. Steffen Kruse15. Vincent Hamp16. Michael Karst17. Chris Pippert18. Dominik Hartmann19. Markus Wessig20. Florian Epple21. Graf Tamara22. Ninni Dalaker23. Björn Burmann24. Andreas Jendges25. Michael Hämmerli26. Johannes Gesell