December 20, 2005-

Decade Snow & Skate is pleased to announce the winner of the Eric Pollard

Head-to-Toe Giveaway contest.

The grand prize winner is Matt Mulligan, of Durango,

Colorado. Eric chose his entry from over

1,000 entries from all over the country. Matt’s entry is below:

I am a poor little kid from colorado, and since you're so

glum, it will make you happy to be giving to the needy like robin hood did and

you'll become a hero like robin and be remembered in storybooks forever! yay!

Mr. Mulligan will be

receiving a pair of Line Elizabeths, Anon goggles, Joystick poles, Dakine

gloves, a beanie, and a backpack, and a Helly Hansen jacket and pant.

The runners up were Andrew Franklin, of Burlington, VT, and

Alexander Johnson of Chugkiak, AK. Their

entries are below:

Mr. pollard should give me his stuff because all my stuff

was lost in a freak gasoline fight accident, somehow, my steezy chicago bears

starter jacket survived, but unfortunately i outgrew it in the mid 90s.

puhleasseee hook me up!

You think that eric is sad? my new penguin was brutally beaten by a gang of

crocadiles and had to get all his feathers shaved off. he needs to survive the

icey arctic winter. to do this he needs transpotation (skis) and warm

clothing to keep him alive.

 The next session of the contest will kick off on December 23rd

and will feature Anthony Boronowski.


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