oh, so where to begin. the day of the rail jam begun with my draggin my ass to work at 4 am to paint the floor at my dads auto shop. when that was done i was headed for windham by 730am. flying up ther thruway w/ my popo detector on, when everything stops, cause the thruway was closed at exit 17 for about 20 minutes. so took the time to tune my edges on my skis on the tail gate of my truck while the chinese people behind me looked on in awe. well finally i get to windham, doing 75 up the empty parking lot into the top spot to check things out before i get all suited up. things looked sweet, so i go my stuff and headed up. seshed for about 30mins w/ my bud clapp1115, untill he left, leaving me w/ this really annoying kid who i had to drive home. which was 12 miles away in bo bo fuck of windham, like in cow fields.

. i think that explains my agony. well, i meet up w/ a x of mine and things where awkward, but ended up chill by the end of the weekend. i also decided to do a 6 mile hike on saturday as well. i have no idea what i was thinking but it was worth it. when i was done, the crew met to see x men 3 in hudson across the bridge, and ended the night almost getting arrested in the tacobell parking lot. sunday was chill, whent to go to the irsh fest but ended up going to this sweet cliff diving thingy. 30ft, 40ft, and 58ft from the bridge railing, unfortnately i didnt have any extra clothes so i didnt jump, but its on my to do list for later this month. we went to the irish fest for about a hour then headed up to windham to rest untill the saw doctors concert at 9. well, i got pulled over by the state police forrr, rolling a stop sign and going over the yellow line. luckily i didn't get a ticket but i will be the laughing stock for a while now. we chill at my place, watching the 3 races untill around 8 when we pick up some peeps in my truck and go down to the concert. the saw doctors rocked the house, and was a great way to end the weekend, now its tuesday and starting summer classes. here are some pics of the jam