Collin Collins: hip sesh

The summer has come to a close.  Turning the page in another chapter in my life.  I am sitting in the mess hall at camp for the last time to do some blogging and intermanetting work for the last time.  I am heading back home to Boulder, CO this afternoon.  It is always kind of bittersweet.  I really want to get home and see my friends, but don’t want to leave camp! I guess I’m ready to go.  I’ve got many things coming up: school, CU Snowboard team and Stept Productions video premieres and after-parties to plan and attend, skating, moving into my new place, and of course, tubing the boulder creek!

Session 7 was fast as hell. It seems like session 6 ended yesterday. I had a great final week. It was a great time for sure.

Witt on a snowboard!? Collin too?

My Campers! Sick day above the clouds.

Camper Backie attempt.  He had a textbook half gainer.

Looking good, they got the last remaining shirts.

One happy camper!