Words by Riley Snyder

Photos by Darcy Bacha, Erik Hoffman & Riley Snyder

Video by Jake Strassman, Tyler Malay & Alexandra Erickson

Oregon is typically known as a wet state, especially in the springtime. However Session 2 at Windells was unseasonably sunny n’ sick on campus in addition to the hill, which lead to many banger shots for pros, coaches, and campers alike! Where is there a better place to progress while having the most fun than Windells Camp?

Campers always need to be oriented. Photo: Erik Hoffman

A little camper orientation is a great way to get kids in the camp mood, especially when the Saga guys are throwing massive amounts of stickers and swag into the crowd.

The park got a little makeover for this week, as is customary between sessions, which gives campers the opportunity to be wowed even if they do stay for more than one session. New features along with rearranging the park make the two mile lane more fun than the past week. Campers not only progress on-hill, but on campus as well with odd talents you can probably use nowhere else in real life without looking weird.

Do you know how hard it is to get an Oreo from your forehead into your mouth using only gravity? Photo: Erik Hoffman

You can spin a double cork 1440 but cannot handle a dizzy-bat wiggle stick shake weight race. Photo: Erik Hoffman

One of the most fun events Windells has put on for employees as well as campers was a good old game of ‘Capture The Swag’. For those who have never played capture the flag, I suggest you find a group and learn how right now!

Nothing like baiting campers with free goggles in a game of ‘Capture The Swag’. Photo: Erik Hoffman

If you think underwear is funny, try having a race to fill a glass of milk using only some new underwear as a sponge then chugging your delicious underwear milk. It will make you laugh so hard the milk will come out of your nose.

Spilling the ever precious chocolate milk using some underwear to fill their cups. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s happening, but the campers always have fun doing it. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Of all the dances out there, Movin’ Like Bernie is a common occurrence at the Smith Optics Dance Party. We like it so much that we gave some swag to the camper that best moved like Bernie.

Movin’ Like Bernie is what is hot in the streets. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Kicking it old-fashioned with the foam pit jousting on arrival day. Photo: Erik Hoffman

And now some shots from The Funnest Park on Earth!

Pressing like a champ. Photo: Riley Snyder

Shea Flynn eyeing the end of the rail. Photo: NJ Peterson

Coaches film everyday so that they can show the kids what they are doing wrong or are doing right and stomping it. They will help you to meet your goals even if it takes all week.

GoingPro is no big deal for Mike Hornbeck. Photo: Riley Snyder

Talk about getting gnarly. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Windells has four Bag Jumps for campers to dial in their tricks on. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Filmer Jake Strassman taking some laps in between shots. Photo: Riley Snyder

'Bill' Wesson with yet another goofy rail trick. Photo: Riley Snyder

Even Canadian Joe Schuster came to session "The Funnest Place on Earth". Photo: Darcy Bacha

Blind 450s out are a warm up for Dane Tudor. Photo: Darcy Bacha

The summit of Mt. Hood looms another 3,000 feet higher than the top of the Palmer lift. Photo: Riley Snyder

Lofty blunts are no problem for John Ware on the money booter. Photo: Riley Snyder

How many people can front 630 out of a rail with style? Goblin Stepp can. Photo: Riley Snyder

When life gives you a Jeffery Kiesel, hit the orange wallie. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Luke Stein was a camper, but that does not mean he couldn’t kill it on the big jump. Photo: Riley Snyder

Dan Tudor knows a little bit about style. Photo: Darcy Bacha

Head cOCHO gets safe while on the job. Photo: Riley Snyder

Some people are probably wondering what the employees do on the days off when the Windells park is not open on-hill. Most off days consist of exploring the surrounding beauty of Oregon…

Coaches Christian Allen and Ashley Battersby enjoy some time off at nearby Brightwood Beach. Photo: Riley Snyder


Session 3 here we come!