Words by Riley Snyder

Photos by Erik Hoffman & Riley Snyder

Have you ever heard of a little production company named Level 1 Productions? Session 5 at Windells was their sponsored week, with some seriously heavy hitters in attendance, as Josh Berman brought a full crew, including Matt Walker, Keri Herman, Lucas Stål-Madison, Will Wesson, Torin Yater-Wallace, Tim McChesney, Tom Wallisch, Parker White, LJ Strenio, and Colby James West.

Saga Supply Co. throwing a pair of pants out at orientation. Photo: Erik Hoffman

May the odds be ever in your favor. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Session 5 brought in some curious weather, causing the lane to be above the clouds almost the whole week when it wasn’t clear and sunny. A plethora of pros were in attendance in addition to the Level 1 athletes, including Angeli VanLaanen, Collin Collins, Andy Parry, Willie Borm, Sammy Carlson, John Spriggs and more.

Angeli VanLaanen dropped by and got engulfed in a cloud. Photo: Riley Snyder

Will Berman (aka Bill Werman) pressing while filmer Ian blows the shot. Photo: Erik Hoffman

The hardworking diggers make changes to the park every session to keep the features interesting and fun.

Grabbing truck driver is nothing out of the ordinary for Cam Boll. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Photo: Riley Snyder

Black Steve greasing the C rail. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Timberline above the clouds. Photo: Riley Snyder

Some people do not understand how amazing it is to be able to ski above the clouds, as it creates some amazing backdrops and no two days are exactly the same!

Mr. Borm filming his son Willie practicing his doubles. Photo: Riley Snyder

John Kutcher going quite large. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Session Photo! Photo: Erik Hoffman

Steve Stepp getting blunted. Photo: Riley Snyder

Kutcher the Butcher. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Matt Walker is no stranger to style. Photo: Riley Snyder

John Ware. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (aka AB-M) showing how to do a proper switch truck 9. Photo: Riley Snyder

Keefer doing one of his signature blunt 7s. Photo: Riley Snyder

The Level 1 crew with a stoked camper. Photo: Erik Hoffman

Level 1 came in and played one of the funniest events I have seen on campus, egg smash. There was a container full of eggs and the goal was to find the hardboiled eggs to advance to the finals. Nothing quite like watching campers smashing eggs on their forehead hoping it was hardboiled and finding otherwise. Session 5 was a blast to say the least, and special thanks to Josh Berman and his crew for making the session an amazing experience.

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