The NS x Windells session is going off up here in Oregon. The weather is beautiful and the athletes are throwing down. Take a look at some of the shots I've taken during these first three days on hill, plus a trick tip with Dom Laporte.

Brent Whipple grabs safety out of a cannon rail at Windells.

Colby Albino grabs mute over the big jump

Nicky Keefer holding the blunt

Keefer also grabbing nose

Jonah Williams with a left cork three safety

Jamie (1337) is stoked on everyone throwing down

Colby holds a blunt through a rodeo nine

An unknown rider with a gnarly seatbelt japan

We're all looking forward to these next two days on snow to see what else the Windells riders have got in store. Stay tuned for more media from the entire NS content crew.