The Only Ski and Snowboarding Academy in the Country to have 365 days of Natural Snow

MT HOOD, OR – April 2010 – Windells is putting a new spin on Summer School. Starting June 1, Windells Academy will be launching its inaugural summer school session. The summer school session, which ends August 31st, will enable skiers and snowboarders to gain real summer school credit, while honing their skills in the off-season in a real boarding school setting.

“Windells is the only ski and snowboarding academy in the country with natural snow 365 days a year,” said Windells Owner/Operator Tim Windell. “These kids are being trained on the exact campus where Shaun White trained and the summer session gives the student/athlete the opportunity to test the Academy environment for the school year.”

While attending Windells Academy, students have full access to all of Windells facilities. The academy offers services for grades 9-12 through Kaplan Education. Students are enrolled in either Kaplan College Preparatory program or the Kaplan High School program, depending on their academic aptitude. Kaplan High School is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and the Commission on International and Trans-Regional Accreditation.

In addition to the full academic staff Kaplan provides, Mike Hanley, President of Windells Academy, will run the day-to-day operations of the school while providing added support for all attending students. Hanley is a former professional skier and collegiate diver and has studied at eight universities around the world, ranging from the University of Utah, to the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, to L’Université de Neuchâtel and the University of Wales. From 2004-2006 Hanley was the United States Team Coach for the World Cup Ski Halfpipe, and was also the head free ride coach for the Squaw Valley Freestyle Ski Team. Over the course of his career, he has worked with the best of the best, including pros such as Tanner Hall, Ashley Battersby, Sean Field, and up-and-comers like Alex Schlopy and Joss Christensen. Hanley has also coached notables like Simon Dumont and Seth Morrison, who have sought his expertise at the Utah Olympic Park.

Founded in 1988 by nine-time National Champion and two-time Vice World Champion snowboarder Tim Windell, Windells has been a world leader in action sports for the past two decades. The camp’s goal is to not only improve kids’ skills on the slopes and on the street, but also create a fun and safe place for kids to creatively express themselves through sport. From building permanent half-pipes, cheese-wedge jumps to creating new moves and fighting scoring regulations in competitions, Windells has been a pioneer in action sports. Windells is also the world’s only privately owned campus and features a permanent, year-round half-pipe and ski run. The Windells campus also has BMX dirt bike paths, an indoor skate park with a foam pit, and on-site housing for campers. For those who have been there, Windells is known as the “funnest place on earth.”