Aside from being able to attend a totally awesome high school year round, traveling across the country to events like the Dew Tour, Rev Tour, and Gatorade Free Flow Tour; AND getting to meet and ride with some of the biggest names in the industry…. The students of Windells Academy even have way too much fun on their “down” time! The students  have full access to ALL of our 53 acres of skate, mountain bike,  foam pit, trampoline and bmx features. That means instead of recess during school, we have our mid day break in B.O.B (the building out back) which gives kids time to wind down and get out their energy before going back to school. B.O.B includes 12,000 square feet of skate features including a huge bowl, multiple quarter pipes, rails, and 2 different drop in options that will put you straight into the foam pit. B.O.B also has a world class trampoline to practice all your coolest tricks before you put them on snow. Windells Academy is the “funnest” and smartest place ON EARTH!

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