Windells Academy ski students took off last thursday, headed for Big Bear for this years Gatorade Free Flow Tour. Windells Academy students Lyman Currier and  Mike Mochan competed in the freeski slopestyle event.  Mike Mochan took the podium in third with a cork 900 over the Gambler followed by a 540 into a switch 540. Lyman Currier took 2nd stomping a 9 to 540 to switch 5, and ending with a rodeo. It was a very fun event and a great sight to see for all. Windells summer digger Jason Arens of South Lake Tahoe became champion with a first place medal! His switch 900 to 540 into a switch 720 is what placed him in the slot for first place over 30 other skiers. Way to go Windells!

Lyman Currier
Mike Mochan
Jason Arens (1st) and Mike Mochan (3rd)

[There is a video that cannot be displayed in this feed. Visit the blog entry to see the video.]

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