Last weekend, the students of Windells Academy packed up and headed to Colorado for the 2009 Dew Tour.Dew Tour event organizers Dan & Brian were found happily rockin Windells gear upon arrival. The students have been competing and cheering on their friends in both halfpipe and slope style this week. On Dec. 18th, Christian Allen, one of our college Academy students from this past summer program was interviewed by NBC in their studio for qualifying for the full Dew Tour in halfpipe! Here are some pictures of what they have been up to. Check it out!</pre><img src=>Dan and Brian<img src=>DanKerry Miller and the students at registration<img src=>Armand and Tom Wallish!<img src=>Dew Tour slope style course<img src=>Dew Tour halfpipe<img src=>Armand at the start gate<img src=>LJ and Mcrae at the start gate!<img csrc=>NBC interview<img src=>