NS: So Travis, a lot of people have been wondering what the snow situation is this summer at Mt. Hood. Can you fill us in on how Palmer is looking for the summer, and how it compares with recent years? Travus: Today looks sweet up on the hill. Been snowing

consistently for the past few months. As a matter of

fact It has snowed every day this month. The snow base

at Timberline is the same as it was entering summer

'03, which was one of our best years in terms of

terrain features.

Will the snow levels affect camps on Hood in any way?

Two things in particular benfit Windells space up

on palmer. In addition to having the largest terrain

in terms of acreage, we also have the deepest channel

up there. When other camps areas start showing rocks

near the end of the summer, we're still cruisin'.

Also, because we're local and operate camps in the

winter and spring too, summer we see how the mountain

is shaping up through the season. This year we have

been farming snow to our area since mid-March. It

costs a lot of money in cat time, but the benefit is

the conditions we have in late August- still rockin' a

full pipe and jumps when other camps are just done.

Any advice on the best time to visit during the summer?

Sort of depends on what kind of experience your

lookin for. Most of the film companys/pros are here

in June, but the pros are workin' hard on their

segments and more or less doing their own thing. July

we're in full operation, pros are much more

approachable and everything is pretty casual. August

is my favorite. Every day you can count on the sun,

the pipe is the best shape, and we pull out some new

rails and boxes. The dig crew get really creative and

it's a great vibe.

Who are this summer's ski coaches?

Pro coaches include... Tommy Ellingson, Brandon

Becker, Griffin Cummings, Ike Smith, Grete Eliassen,

Larry Wick, Sammy Carlson, Tim Durtschi, and

others. We hire coaches to coach and help kids

progress, not necessarily the biggest name dudes. We

have tons of guest pros if thats what you're into

though. Too many to name. When kids ask me who, I

usually say everyone. We're the only freeskiing camp on

the best summer ski mtn. in the world. Sick rails,

pipes, and jumps with sun every day so just about

every film company and their skiers are here at any

given time. Not to mention those pros who are workin'

on their games trying to get better.

Any new rails or features planned for the lane?

Always... Our head digger is Jared Winkler, who heads

up the Brighton park and the D.C. mtn lab. New boxes,

rails, jumps and hips. We never want it to get stale.

We have kids who come every year, and we want to

change it up and keep it challenging. You'll just have

to come up and see . Our big news this year is BOB, a

12,000 sq. ft. indoor training facility. New skate ramps,

vert wall, wood bowl, street course, olympic training

trampoline, foam pit, arcade, etc. What sets our camp

apart in addition to our facilities on the mtn. is our

private 52 acre campus. BOB is just our latest

creation in addition to everything else already here.

Skate stuff, BMX tracks, tramps, hot tubs....and more

to come in the future. Our motto speaks the

truth... Windells, "The funnest place on earth!!!"