Nothing is more beautiful than a crisp, natural, wind lip just waiting to be stepped out and greased. The best part about Grizzly Gulch is there are jump spots galore and there is a groomed track to the top, kinda like an interstate road for the backcountry but always good for some shots. The best part about the day was that Collins and Moxham stomp everything and when filming for an edit that really helps.

Mt. Superior, I know I’ve killed this mountain with pictures lately, sorry I can’t help it.

Collins being patient with my picture taking, thanks dude.
Ben Moxham
A fresh windlip being stomped out and setup, no shovels please, we’re going green.
Stomped, Collins took this (first hit) 180 seriously
Of course there is going to be some heady shots in here, what else would I do in between hits.
Where birds live.
Moxy Fyah laying down a flat three.
This is the last time I will use this through the lens deal, I couldn’t help myself.
You have to be stoked after a good day, we’re out.

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