Ok…here’s the scoop.  Everyone is itching for the season to start and we are super pumped to get snowmaking fired up.  As soon as the temps drop it’s a sure thing we will have all guns blazing and be working in overdrive to get open as soon as possible.  The forecast looks promising to start up sometime in the next couple of days.  If you guess the time and day we start up the snow making system then this limited edition Neff/Boreal beanie is yours!  You must sign up and leave your guess as a comment on this post at http://www.borealterrainpark.com by  12 noon 11/24/2010.


-Only guesses submitted at http://www.borealterrainpark.com will count.

-Only one guess per person.

-No ties..first person to claim a day and time gets that day and time.

-In the event no one guesses the exact time and day then the closest guess wins.


Learn up on your snowmaking tech to help guess the time/day.  Here is a list of links with helpful knowledge!



Snow Making 101