I’m checking in with an

edit.  This has been the best year of

shredding and it isn’t over yet. 

My season started when I went

to Breckenridge to shred and watch the Dew Tour.  That definitely got me super stoked for the year.  After that I competed in the Gatorade

Free Flow Tour and got to ride with a ton of sick riders.  I learned a switch misty 5 just a few

hours before the Gatorade comp started so I threw it down during the comp and

it all seemed to flow.

In between competitions and

filming I went to the X Games to watch my favorite riders (Sammy).  I spent a little time filming in Aspen

while I was there.  Bobby and Sammy

killed it in slopestyle and the big air comp was the sickest thing I have ever


Now I’m heading to shred with

all the sick east coast riders at Sunday River for the Salomon Jib

Academy.  Right after the Jib

Academy stop I’m going to check out Simon’s event the Dumont Cup.  Should be ill.

Keep shredding and I hope you

like the edit.