Cover Photo: Peter Colombo

For more than 100 years, Wells Lamont have been producing the hardiest gloves for the people who really need them. So when we heard they were putting together their first line of ski gloves, we knew we had to find out more. Luckily, their new team manager is none other than Will Berman, and he agreed to tell us what this is all about and reveal the stacked team he's put together.


1. So, Wells Lamont has been around for a long time, 110 years if we're not mistaken. Can you give me some more insight about the company, your ties to them, and what makes working with them so dope?

Yes, Wells Lamont has a long-standing tradition of making high-quality leather gloves for all types of outdoorsmen, construction workers, DIYers, etc. We were stoked at the idea of being able to use our ski knowledge and experience to expand their reach to an audience we knew very well. Working with Wells Lamont has been great because they really gave us the creative freedom to design exactly what we wanted out of a top-quality mitten or glove that wouldn't break the bank. They gave us the reigns and really trusted our feedback on what other winter athletes would want out on the slopes. These new gloves and mittens we've been working on will have water-resistant leather, ultra-warm insulation, fresh new designs, and a variety of other features, all inspired by our elite group of Wells Lamont athletes.

2. Tell us, who is going to be joining you on the team? Is there going to be a squad edit?

I've actually been super excited to announce the other team members. The 5 guys joining me on the team are Adam Delorme, Keegan Kilbride, Duncan Adams, Tanner Rainville, and Sean Jordan. I'm very lucky to bring this group of guys on because across the 6 of us, we feel we can represent through our skiing how much the sport has developed and how diverse it can be. You'll find Delorme, Rainville, and Duncan holding it down up North in the Backcountry and myself, Sean, and Keegan out in the streets! We ski different slopes, thrive in different styles, but come together over a love of this sport.

As far as a team edit, it may happen in the future...but for now you can check out the content on our Instagram (@wellslamontsnow).

3. Speaking of social media, where can we find the mitts?

You can buy the styles the team currently wears on Amazon. The new styles we've been designing are still in production, but distribution will begin in the near future! In the meantime, if you'd like to score a pair of FREE gloves or mitts, make sure to enter the Wells Lamont Snow Launch Giveaway. We'll be giving away 110 pairs of gloves/mitts to celebrate the 110th year anniversary of Wells Lamont! To enter, give us a follow on Instagram @wellslamontsnow and tag a friend in the comments. 110 winners will be randomly selected on November 15th.

Stay up to date with the team and the latest Wells Lamont products on Instagram:

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