This season has been a weird one. It started in Chamonix, France with rented 02/03 Salomon 1080s. I was so psyched to be in Chamonix and even more pumped to be on skis. I had always dreamed of being there with snow on the ground and the mountains above. Perfect snow, no crowds. But I was all by myself.

Skip forward about 3 weeks to my first time hittin up CO this season. Last year i got about 60 days which was pretty sick. But it was pretty diversified between people who i ski with. This year is different. I have been up probly 30 times and probly 22 of them have been alone. I dont have any music unless i borrow an ipod from a buddy (my ipod got jacked last year). skiing solo is pretty fun and liberating if you do it only once in a while. the solitude, doing what you want when you want how you want is pretty fun to do. but time after time after time of dropping lines with no one around to get you pumped gets old.

nevermind the fact that i have not been skiing park much this year at all cause its so easy to psych yourself out without anyone pushing you.

maybe my problem is more psychological than anything- more on that later.