For those who don’t know.  I am currently in Are, Sweden on the second leg of a two week film and photo contest I have the pleasure to compete in, called Jon Olsson Super Sessions (JOSS). The contest features seven teams of 5, consisting of 2 professional skiers, 2 filmers, and 1 photographer.  The concept? 14 days of shooting, 2 countries, 5 different man-made features — best 5 minute video takes it.  The trip began in Stockholm, Sweden with a welcome party and dinner to get everybody settled in, then we took a bus to Trysil, Norway where we stayed for 7 days.  The hotel was sick, featuring an indoor surf wave and a bowling alley, and the resort came equipped with two JOSS features.  After 7 great days of shooting we hopped back on the tour bus and made our way up to Are, Sweden, where we’ll live for another 7 days of shooting.  Are has three JOSS features, including a massive 100ft stepdown (I’ll have video of all the JOSS features in due time).  Needless to say its been interesting, even stressful at times, but as expected — its been a great time.  I apologize for the lack of interesting content on the site thus far on my trip, as the majority of the video I am shooting has to remain unseen until we finalize our video for the premier on Saturday the 4th.  When the dust settles and I am back in the States, I should have some interesting shit to post.  Until then, sit tight.

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