I went to Whitehorse for Junior Nationals and would like to say FIS pretty much sucks. They don't know how to judge. They scored insane mogul steeze 360 better than tons or sick cork 7s. They made you call your tircks and would change your dd if you didnt do it but would only take a deduction if you did a worse trick than what you called. Then most of the time if you did a trick with a higher DD like by adding a grab or going cork or somthing they wouldnt even notice! You know they're paying lots of attention and have accurate judging when... Anyways in one of the girls category Keltie Hanson who did 360 got beat by 2 different people who did double spread!

They put ariels and big air together and people doing back lays where beating people doing sick cork 7s off a jump that was seriously at least 5 times bigger. They're just pissed that ariels is dying and are trying to promote it. Matt Margets won the Junior category with switch 9 though if was so sick. I tried hitting the jump switch and almost died cause of the 2 foot long tranny. He went for switch 10 onto a landing with ariels steepness to and almost got it. I don't remember who it was but sombody did switch cork 5 that was so steezy. Anyways ya I'll probably post some vid cause I spent the day filming cause I didnt get a spot in air cause I only had one score