You might have seen our new Factory Team advertisements in the December issue of your favorite magazine. You might have even been scanning the ridiculousness before your eyes and thought to yourself, something looks out of place. Well, besides your favorite pro skiers hanging from ropes over a sketchy makeshift stage, something was grossly out of place. In the midst of the shoot, we switched Andy Mahre's HellBent skis with Chris Benchetler's Fujatives because Andy's skis ended up blocking too much of the shot. We knew the skis had the wrong eyewear sponsor on them but assured Andy that this important detail would ultimately be altered in the final ad. Unfortunately we failed to make good on this promise and sent this advertisement out without the final modification. Andy was mistakenly shown riding skis with a sticker of an eyewear sponsor that wasn't Electric. Electric is a company with which he has had a long standing relationship. We over at K2 apologize to Andy, the readers and to the crew over at Electric for this oversight. Andy Mahre skis for Electric and we are sorry for the mistake. Pictured below is what you should have seen.