Well I do... so this interview with Mike McGoldrick and Ryan Theobold from the Hopkin Racing Blog caught my eye. I've put half of it here for those of you who don't click links. As for the rest of you... click away.Ryan Theobald InterviewHop: The Drop Speed disappeared at the end of 2009 fairly quick.There was a lot of talk it was getting redesigned. Has anything changed on the shape? Different concave?Improvements on the shape? Or just cosmetic with a new graphic?Landyachtz: Our original intention was to replace the Drop Speedwith the 9-two-5. Once we finalized the 9-two-5 shape we decided that they are pretty different boards andhaving both in the line was a good idea. No changes to it, just the new graphic.Hop: There has always been a bit of talk around about the flex on the Drop Carve. I have heardskaters say they have seen super flexy versions with LY crew and riders. Has the flex been modified in 2010?Landyachtz: We started with the ultra super flexy version. We tested a ton ofdifferent stiffness prototypes, and everyone here loved the super soft feel. Bouncing the board off the ground whilecarving hard and ripping around was a blast. We had never done a board that soft before, so we went for it.People weren?t as stoked as we were about bouncing off the ground, and it didn?t work for guys over 200 pounds (90kg) at all.So we stiffened it up. Most of the guys at the shop with a drop carve still ride the nice gooey ones.Hop: Dually has disappeared from Landyachtz website, is this deck gone or in re-designor in graphic update?Landyachtz: The dually proved to be too big. There just wasn?t the demand towarrant pressing another batch, so it?s been axed, for now. We?re keeping track of how many people are still interested,we?ll see what happens.Hop?s note: There is still Dually stock in Australia, if you want one order now, looks likethere will be no more, it is now a collector?s item!!Hop: Does Landyachtz have a list of credits for the artists or contributors to your graphics?Landyachtz: We do, we?ll publish it on our website soon. We?re really stoked on the graphicsthis year, some of the major contributors are Jeral Tidwell, Gord Bruce, Ewok, Nathan Wilson and in house here, Tom Edstrand (Meatball)and Greg Nicholls have done a lot themselves. We will likely be seeing some work from Chili Thom as well, who has done several graphicsfor us in the past. All of these guys are great, we couldn?t be more stoked to have them all be a part of the 2010 line.Hop: There definitely seems to be a ocean/aqua/fish theme on the new graphics. Has this been done on purpose?Is there a single artist influencing the whole range? If you have the whole range in your quiver can it be called a landyachtz aquarium?Landyachtz: You know, I just noticed that. We?ve been talking about putting a Chinook Salmonon the Chinook for years, Nathan Wilson came through huge there.The Drop Speed killer whales came from Greg Nicholls in the shop here, his designtook influence from traditional Pacific North West art.Once we get a few major graphic concepts or ideas, Tom and Greg will show them around and tweak them until most of us are stoked. You can never pleaseeveryone. I think the fish and birds are another extension of being from Vancouver. Most of us are closely tied to an outdoor active life style,that creates a big bond with nature, without really thinking about it.Hop: Is the Evo getting a graphic change in 2010?Landyachtz: Yes, it?s a bad ass sugar skull style design by Jeral Tidwell. His work is some of myfavorite, check him out at Human TreeHop: Any race team decks in prototype? A Scoot model? Team Green model?Landyachtz: Besides the foam core, Carbon Fiber 9-two-5 and Switch Blade, nothing.Hop: Any news on the Switch Blade?Landyachtz: We were aiming to release the Switchblade for the beginning of the 2010 season,but we?ve gone through more prototype stages than we anticipated. Rather than rush the product out in its current state we figuredwe?d take the time to refine the shape and make the board the best it can be. Its nearly there, and everyone here is very stoked on thecurrent prototype. The Carbon foam core version should be available in a few weeks. Once that?s nailed, we?ll get the bamboo version rolling.