Cover photo by Orrin Bryers

There's a steady production line of talented skiers coming out New Zealand. The Wells brothers were the first to shine but there are now so many more talents, including the Bilous boys, Hamish McDougall and more. Jossi will be much missed at these Olympics, but the youngest Wells brother, Wacko, is potentially the most talented of the four. If there is a trick that seems impossible, the nineteen-year-old is often the first to do it. He already made waves as the first skier to defy gravitational forces and stomp a quad cork 16 and just yesterday managed to grease the entire rainbow to dfd rail on the Olympic course. This is the rail that every single snowboarder popped early off of during their slopestyle competition.]rainbow-flat-down

While Wacko's bag of tricks demonstrates his skill, he hasn't been able to finish slopestyle contests high in the rankings. Big Air seems to be the stage on which Wacko excels, but perhaps under the Olympic spotlight he'll be able to lay down a run that seems improbable for any other skier to stomp. Judging by the snowboarders, the jumps seem too small for a surprise quad so Wells will definitely need to bring his creative eye to the course in order to impress the judges. Luckily for us, smooth flow and a different take on slope courses are one of the key elements of the Wells arsenal, as well as two locked in triples, so Wacko could be an outside shot.

It will not doubt be exciting to see which features he will choose from on the Olympic course. Earn the fern Wacko, earn the fern.