Tyson M. Crockett is the Dean of Communication for SGT. His quick wit and mid-western work ethic originated in Minnesota in the early 1980?s. He spent the next 20-plus years snowboarding,  learning and traveling. 2012 will be Tyson?s first year in Argentina as a full-time staff member. Crockett will try to keep from all out ?flailing? as he coordinates client happiness, media productions, editing, dissemination of media, getting the boss a coffee, dropping cliffs, Quilmes sipping and more. We are excited to bring Senor Crockett?s years of experience in education, travel, photography and snowboarding to the SGT family on a full time basis.

Tyson’s story:

In August of 2011, I was reconciling my life experiences. After living through and in the snowboard industry in numerous roles, then moving to a ?professional ? life as an educator. I decided to take some time to escape. The opportunity to find solace appeared in the adventure of SGT, in the land of steak and the Andes. Never being scared of a good time to travel I quickly signed up for, and went to B.A. (Buenos Aires). During my Southern escapades I spent a great deal of time in a thoughtless world of wonder as known as Cerro Catedral, clearing my mind of uncertainty. During my down time I found myself hanging out with and relating to the SGT staff, and quietly reflecting on how I wanted my life to change.

Upon returning to the states, I revisited my youthful desire to be passionate about something, anything. I found the best place to invest my passion would be in myself. By choosing my happiness and allowing life to bring the rest to me, I became easier to be around and consistently felt like myself. In early winter I again had the Colorado mountain-snow under foot and a desire to be, to reside in areas that allowed for my enthusiasm. I began transforming the unwanted parts of my life into the desires and envies of others. The reverberative effects pushed my morals, views, and lens of life towards who I wanted to be.

Armed with a resolute direction in life, I traveled and wrote the world of snow. Congruently Travis from SGT gave me a call to get some feedback on my experiences in Bariloche. As I unraveled my tale for Travis, the tone between he and I became inspiring and his passion for sharing experiences matched my own. Our dialoged continued until I was on a plane to SGT head quarters in New Hampshire with a job, a new family and a smile in tacked.