Ben Zucker took his Spring Break from the Fashion Institute to come out to Washington and film something other than women in small underwear. Ross Reid joined us to film yet another webisode and help me finish my segment for Everyday is a Saturday.I have had a great time shooting with different filmers this year, jumping around and keeping it fresh this year has been something that I have enjoyed. I would have loved to have kept shooting this year with Ostness for another Atomic Movie but hopefully we get that program going again soon.

Red Bull!
The Media Outlets, Ross Reid and Ben Zucker
Japan, Julie took this Photo, not Ben Zucker! I am on my way to ski bowl in OREGON, for some park shoots, I can't wait to ride park, since this warming of the globe has been going on, powder is hard to find in April so us skiers have to adapt. It would be nice to go heli-skiing in Alaska, if anyone has some extra heli time they would like to loan me, that would be super.Until next time, keep the skis out of the garage and get some of that spring snow, ya know?