Let's talk about foam pit. Why? Because they are mad fun. They are not

wet. They offer a very good practice flow. And they are cheap to

access... when you can get access to one.

The first time in my life I tried one, it was in an indoor skatepark in Montreal called Tazmahal.

It was back in 2000. But unfortunately, they closed the place that same

year. I remember that me and my friend were enjoying that feature a lot

when we were riding at that place.

Back in summer 2006, I got

very curious when I heard that the Whistler resort were building a huge

foam pit for mountain bikers. I was living there at that time. The time

passed it they finally announced it officially. As soon as it opened, I

did all my possible to get an authorized access to hit that feature

with my skates. It took a bunch of days and they finally approved it.

But the sad part is that a few day later I had to go back to school in

my hometown. I had been able to hit it only a couple times before I


Then the next year I came back I kept in mind that this

time I will go there often and as soon as it opens for the season.  But

it only opened at the beginning of July because they had a budget

problem for insurances that year. Anyway, I took my pass no matter

what, it was just $200. And at my third session, I invited my friends

to get a look at it and a cameraman to have some shots. Finally, all of

them had been quite impressed by that feature.


unfortunately, I did broke my collar bone just a couple days later

during a quick skateboard session. Otherwise, I would had hit that

feature for the rest of the summer. This would had set my aerial skills

pretty good right now.

Anyway, the good side of it is that I had

fun and now I have enough good material so I can share that information

with you guys. And even if it's not skiing, I am sure that you can gain

a lot of skills from practicing in a foam pit.

By the way, I did put some of my skateboarding before just to lower the possible amount of comments from other 13 year olds skateboarders who will say that fruitbooting is for weak sauces.