It's school time once again so it means

the ski season has ended. It's kind of sad since that means the ice

is gone. I'm not really much into skiing but the view of ski

mountains is simply breath taking. I am a big fan of the snow.

It all started when I met somebody who

taught me that 'french fries' technique in skiing, which is kind

of funny but great. Time seemed to run fast when I'm with him –

whether in our skiing sessions or other things. I felt like I was at

my best in skiing that time, and falling about three to seven times

didn't really matter.

Okay, school. I'm back to writing term

papers and home works. It doesn't really matter... if it weren't

because of the wonderful memories the snow and skiing has given me,

or this sadness I feel whenever I think about him...

I'm looking forward to the next season for a chance to see him...