Words, photos & video by Mathieu Richard, Philip Cormier & Ben Provos

Summer skiing is like that one girl you always chased during high school: she is hot, seems hard to get and you might have to spend a lot to win her over, but boy is it worth it when you get her! Don’t let summer skiing be like that girl you regret not asking out in high school. Go summer skiing at least once in your life…I cannot stress enough how much fun it is and how many life long stories you will have.

Our phenom mobile.

Summer skiing may be a seemingly unattainable goal for many people, including myself, but it is one thing that all of us should experience at least once in their lives. Just like every good Jew should visit the holy city of Jerusalem before they die, every skier should get to throw down at least one summer in their lives..

Eating at one of the many hotels along the way.

So what the hell is Cape Cod? To myself and my friends Philip Cormier and Ben Provost, this was our Jerusalem. To anyone else, Cape Cod is a beach in Massachusetts.

Playing with our ball and sand pail at "Cape Cod".

There’s not much there for skiers, so we left from Montreal and pretended to be looking for Cape Cod, when really we were going 6000 kilometers west of that to Mount Hood, Oregon. Why did we do it? Why does a dentist pull out extra teeth? Because it’s funny...

Where is Cape Cod?