The night is when the creative zombies thrive, any independent business can relate, to achieve success doesn’t start and stop in the 9-5 hours.  I know we aren’t the only ones welcoming the glow of our computer screen well past the witching hour. Or maybe it is because we don’t even notice when day becomes night, being surrounded by my close friends, creating and building our future is all I have ever known. Time is lost and replaced with passion and the desire to succeed. For some this dedication seems foreign but for others it is a way of life.  It has almost been 7 years now and though a lot has changed you will still find the future of this brand being built when the stars come out.

Taking a break from the night shift and using Google Sky Map to see what’s above. This is my peace offering to our summer Instagram contest which is currently Iphone only.
Yea that’s Jupiter and Venus.
Taking a break from it all, Park City night skiing.