"Are you fucking kidding me?" - those was the first thought of thousandsto blow through my mind as i read news breaks of a shooting at Virginia Tech. As i read further, i realized the shooting had taken place in Norris, and grabbed for my phone to call around to my friends at Tech.

As time progressed, and i finally got through to people, i found everyone to be ok... but there was still the horror of what had happened at a university that i chose colorado over  just a year ago. Crazy how one single choice can change your life dramatically - i could have been there, been part of the student body...hell, i could of fucking been in that french classroom where everyone but one student was shot.

How the fuck can people kill other humans so cold and heartlessly? Why the fuck would they even THINK about doing it in the first place?!

jesus... read this article, it gives a particular insight into the horrors that my room mate's friend from home went through