So as I was waiting for Zombieland, great movie by the way, I viewed a preview for the movie "2012". Honestly I think its complete bull spoons. How could an ancient civilization, an extinct one at that predict the end of the world. I will never believe in this theory that the Myans calendar can predict our future. Going back on a previous thought of "time" that the calendar is just another way of keeping track of ourselves. I believe "time" is a relevant thing to all humans, we cant live without it or else we will be late or on time or early or etc. I just think that there will be no end of the world in the coming future, and if there is going to be one, how the hell can we predict what it will be like? Biblical texts, ancestry stories, historical facts, believe as you may but I believe there is no way that one person or a group of people can  say that the world will end like "this" at "this time".