Snowstock BigAir-contest went down in  Kongsberg, Norway today. Sick jump, perfect weather, skiing with friends and a big crowd!

Finally things starting to pay off when I ski every day!

I was super-nervous about the jump this morning. A lot of speed needed and the snow was pure ice. I did not hit it on practice last night, but things went down fine and I really liked the jump this year. 52 competitiors from 12 – 23 years of age, and to be perfectly honest, a lot of good skiers.

Thomas Dolplads is one of the most stable skiers there is. Whenever it’s gametime, Thomas knows.  Looks like my mom snuck into the picture too.

All skiers where devided into different classes depending on their age  (13-15 yrs, 16-17 yrs, 18-20 yrs, 21 ++), and we where scored into groups with Norwegian Cup points, with an own price-ceremony. Lars Bjørum with a dub 10 mute.

Mikkel Jøraandstad did a switch dub 12 today, totally insane trick!

Thomas Dolplads dub 12 nosemute.

Mikkel switch dub 12 mute.

I had not done my switch dub 10 more than once and I felt insecure on doing it today. I swapped plans, and learned the switch 12 reversed tailgrab in practice, and in the three runs in qualifiers I managed to put my feet down on a switch 1440 reversed tailgrab. So stoked on that one!

Me in a Switch 12 revtail.

In the junior-class Felix Usterud represented Salomon on the top of the podium in qualifiers.

And myself reppin Salomon on top of the podium in the 21+-class in front of Thomas Dolplads. I had the 3rd best overall score on my sw 14, which I am pretty stoked on.

In finals I crashed on the 14 due to some lack of speed in my first heat, and ended up in 5th, while Thomas Dolplads won once again!!

Congrats to the top three, so stoked to be apart of this sick skiing!