Alright. As many of you know and don't know I was one of the Co-Founders of Snow Mountain Powder team last year which started here on Newschoolers. we got a bunch of kids to get together and talk about skiing this idea sank. So the remaining members that were left behind decided to start a clothing company under the same name. We worked our asses off this summer to get it all ready for production and we even had a screenprinter lined up he promised us such a great deal We thought we were in the clear and were ready to go. Designs Sent, Everything Squared Away. 3 weeks later I'm starting to wonder where the hell are product is. The Guy Jumped town and stole are cash and all our designs. It was back to the drawing board, we came up with new marketing designs etc. Our New thing was to be as core as we possibly could. The first thing we did was starting to get some AM riders on our team to give us some feedback and input. Then it hit me "Designs by Skiers for Skiers" The new plan was to was to have each of our riders have their own designs. The team was super stoked to get started. Only problem we were still short on cash, our new plan to assemble a team of crocheters to make some hats and sell them through us to help us out getting our cash back. We put out a call here on newschoolers, and they came out strong. We have a team working strong. Currently we are planning to put our clothing in production in August and have it out in time for the 06-07 season, We think you'll all like the designs.


Ghetto Candies is another fundraising project for SMP. It is a ski movie only featuring the talents of SMP's am team. Some of this footage is sick! The movies gonna be super core, have great music, great flow, and most impotently great skiing.


Lil John Sternio

Chris Culnane

Iris Dougherty

Josh Beasley

Chris McKeever

Evan Ruthford

Anna Benedetto

Jack Byers.

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Keep It Steezey.