This summer I was a blogging machine, churning out entry after entry each day of entertaining and captivating material (or so I like to think). You guys, the readers, were stoked, I was stoked, and we were together in a great reader/writer relationship. Then things got weird.Well, they didn't get weird, they got complicated. I stopped calling, returning your emails, and I even tried to use you for my own personal gain. So here I am, telling you guys straight up, it's not you, its me. Here's the scoop. Since I returned to school, I've been doing quite a few things:I've been going to class (sort of) and hanging out with friends:

Then I went to the ESWA (Eastern Ski Writers of America) Conference at Stratton where I spoke to the crowd about writing on the internet.
After that I went to IF3 and ended up hanging out with Newschoolers. I also did a few interviews at IF3, which you can check out here.
My new good friend John Symms even put my picture on
I had a few days to kill before the tour so I headed over to the NS office to get some work done.
photo: JF "MONsieur" DurocherAfter trying to work in a recycling center of beer cans, err, the NS office, it was time to kick off the Reasons tour. Reasons did pretty well at IF3...
.. probably because they put me in the credits. NBD.
so I went on tour with these guys
It was a lot of fun.
photo: Dan "Hippie Killer" BrownOnce the tour was over, I headed back to school and wouldn't you know it, after two weeks of non stop drinking, I went right on over to trivia night at a local bar my second night back and won. Here's some trivia for you:What can spend five days in Montreal drinking, get it's car broken into, hit five tour stops in five days while drinking every night, return to school on a Monday morning, go to classes, write a paper, attend trivia night, and win? Answer: This guy
that night my friend Zach turned 22 so we had cake
and Belgium beer.
Now I'm busy catching up on work and fine tuning my resume.
It's good to be back.