I once thought our country was indestructable.  The kind of thing they teach you in 4th grade, that you have a better life here than anywhere else in the world.  That the US was the most powerful country on the planet...what the hell?

I was in a good mood today.  I had a sick summer session with my buddy on my new rails and got some good grades on schoolwork.  Good for me.  Then my dad gets home.

The first thing out of his mouth was something along the lines of "We're watching the news tonight; our economy's going to shit."

I had known about the "crisis" and thought it was only temporary, something that would be fixed as we moved forward.  Boy was I wrong.  Two of the biggest lenders in the country, Lehmann Brothers and Merrill Lynch = down the tubes.  Lehmann Brothers, a company with somewhere around 160 years of experience, filed for bankruptcy.  Merrill Lynch, fearing the same, allowed itself to be bought out by Bank of America.

So I ask, "What the hell America?"

Why do we let ourselves spend money we don't have?  Why do banks give out to many loans?  Why couldn't we see this coming!  As China closes in on us (if they haven't already passed us) we still struggle and stumble backwards because we can't control what we do with our fucking money.  Stupid ass Americans is right.

We're supposed to be supreme?  Guess again.  By fucking up this bad here, we're also screwing over a ton of other countries who had stakes in our so called "solid" economy, which, being based so strongly on real estate, is going to shit

Over the past year, my grandparents have lost something like 200,000 dollars because of this.  As of today, probably a lot more now.

It pisses me off the way our country is faltering.  I go to school every day like a "normal" kid.  I talk on my cell phone, live in a wealthy Connecticut suburb, and hang out with my friends.  Yet this is an eye opener.  My family is losing money.  No matter how well my parents invested (Thank God they have some money sense) we lost money.  When my dad came home he said, "You're looking at a poor man; we lost tens of thousands of dollars today."  Shit.

Our country can't seem to do anything right.  Apparently some ass-wipe engineer on a Metroline passenger train was TEXTING as he passed a red signal to stop, sending the train right into an oncoming freight train.  Ouch.  People die because of your shit you ass!

Ooooooh, Google picture!

Meanwhile, Galveston looks like it "went through a blender" with shit everywhere and thousands of people who were too stupid to leave left without food, water, or power.  THEY TOLD YOU TO LEAVE!  Now you're costing us money to get you out when you could've left earlier.  You're home would've gotten destroyed anyway.  The only excuse not to have left is if you're old/crippled and couldn't.  But not everyone who stayed was old or crippled.  It sucks what happened, and I'm pissed about it, but now we have to clean it up.

I'm just so effing pissed at where we are right now.  We're a trembling shadow of what we used to be.  I don't want to sound like a communist or facist or Hitler or someone crazy, but I'm just pissed.  I may be 16, I may be naive, but I can tell when we suck.  I'm just hoping that this is just a transition between Presidents...we'll have to wait and see.

I also lost my cell phone.  Shit.


Anyways, on a happier note, I made my backyard edit the other day, and I like it!  Hooray!  Here it is:

Mil's G-suit Edit from Chris Romano on Vimeo.

Hope you enjoy.  Leave me some feedback on video/filming/editing/skiing or whatever.  Just do it and rate it, because the system gives karma for that!

Thanks for putting up with me!