Saga HQ-

Currently we are shipping around the clock to fulfill pre-orders that everyone ordered has been patiently waiting for since months ago. With that said some of you may be wondering why your order has not shipped even if you placed your order in June and we regret to inform we do have an outerwear shipment that has been delayed by outside sources beyond our control, this is by no means is a reason to panic. If you are effected by this delay you will receive your full order prior to the Holiday’s and to make sure of that we will be Express shipping everything (International and Domestic).

Out of our control or not, we are a legitimate business that must uphold a level of reputation and trust with our customers, to have negativity towards us is understandable and we are facing the issue head on. If you feel you have been wronged by the delay we are more than happy to refund your order no questions asked. What I can say is that everything will be out for the Holiday’s, we are simply not 100% shipping as of Nov. 30 as was our original estimated date. Please feel free to contact us via our online chat or email ( for any questions you may have after reading this update.


- Saga.

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