Remember how Cody came onto NS and announced that Sublux was for sale?  Well, it has now been purchased, and there's someone new at the reigns.   Sublux was one streetwear company that was doing really good things, and was sad to see go.   It's back now, and here's an interview that I did with the new owner.  --Doug BishopDoug:  First things first... tell us a little bit about yourself!Rom: My full name is Romolo Marcucci. I’ve lived virtually my whole life in New Hampshire. My parents had me on skis as soon as I could stand up. The first time I saw newschool, freeskiing or whatever you want to call it was at Waterville Valley. Some random guy on long skinny single tips, jeans, and a ball cap was skiing into a jump switch. I thought he was going to destroy himself but he spun a clean switch five. That is what got me hooked on skiing. I also realized I could hit the ‘snowboard’ park on my skis. Wherever that guy is, thank you.I got super into skiing during high school. I raced, but it was mostly just an excuse to ski four days every week all over New Hampshire for free. My coach and the patrol were pissed at me most of the time for missing my starts and messing around in the terrain park. Richie Paradise taught me how to slide my first rail at a race at Waterville, I still haven’t managed to catch up to his skills.After high school, I headed up to the University of Vermont. That place is pretty much the East Coast ski Mecca. I got to ski 100-plus days a year at UVM. Stowe got me so into backcountry skiing, and I could make the quick drive to New Hampshire to ski park and coach at Loon. Last year I had a great experience interning for Jason at Line Skis. I somehow managed to avoid data entry and ended up making videos and putting on rail jams. Jason hooked me up with a job out in California helping out The Red Dawn. So after graduation I packed my bags, drove cross -country, and skied Mammoth every day until July 4. I’m up in Tahoe now, doing events for The Red Dawn and working with a bunch of artists and athletes to turn Sublux into a totally unique company. Doug: Now, I’ve always wanted to ask this of someone. Just what does Sublux mean?Rom: The dictionary definition for Sublux is a partial dislocation. However, the goal of this company is to add meaning to this word. Sublux, skiing, and art are all intertwined and indefinable. The meaning in each piece comes from those enjoying it. Doug: I’ve heard you’re using artists to design your clothes… sounds like a damn cool idea. Tell me more!Rom: Sublux is the company of the athletes and the artists. Certain athletes are partners in the company and have their own lines of clothing. Each line pairs an athlete with a different artist. They create pieces using the athletes’ visions and input and the artists’ technical skills to make those visions reality. Doug: What do you feel about the state of ski-specific street wear in our industry?Rom: The term ski-specific street wear is the epitome of where it stands in our industry. This term makes it sound like equipment. Walk into almost any ski shop and look at the walls. They are selling you equipment. Skiing is so much more than that. It isn’t tennis or golf, it is a way of life. Now, walk into a surf, skate, or snowboard shop and more than 50 percent of sales is lifestyle clothing. Skiers should be proud of their sport, its heritage, and future. They want to represent themselves off the hill and be able to give back to the sport at the same time. Sublux exists to make that possible. I have tremendous respect for the lifestyle companies in other sports. However, skiers need to realize when they buy from these companies, or some clothing store at the mall, they are not supporting skiing. When you buy from Sublux, your money goes back into the ski industry. It goes to supporting the athletes who inspire you. It goes to supporting Ski Time Magazine and Most importantly, it goes toward supporting you, the skier. It gives you something to be proud to wear and to distinguish you as a skier. Doug: What made you decide to buy Sublux? Why buy Sublux over starting your own company?Rom: I believe in Sublux. I believe Cody, the former owner, had a great vision. Sublux is one of the original lifestyle brands in skiing and it would be a damn shame to see that die. With the foundation and relationships Cody built, I am now in a position to take ski clothing to a whole new level. No other lifestyle company in the ski industry will be able to support as unique a team, have such a diverse offering of great designs, and support you in the way Sublux will. Doug: The website is launching soon. What features will set your site apart from the others out there? Also, when can I expect to check it out? Rom: The website will continue to be the place to go to check out and purchase clothing. Beyond that, Sublux is looking for ways to give back to skiers, artists, and the sport. The skiers are going to have pages devoted to them. Look for personal stories beyond what is your favorite music, shoe, deodorant, or whatever. Additionally, expect consistent, in-depth updates with stories and photos from their travels. The artists will also be prominently featured. They will have spaces on the site to exhibit and sell their work. Finally, the sport wouldn’t exist without those of you who are reading this article, the skiers who simply ski for the love of the sport. Look to for a community with resources not found anywhere else. Of course we can’t divulge everything yet… We have to save some of the surprise for when the website launches October 18. Doug: I’ve got to ask about the Team. You had mentioned that you want to run a contest about that, but is there any hints as to who it’s going to be? If not, just tell me about the contest! Rom: Sublux assembled a team of today’s best. Look for a combination of potential competition threats, established movie and magazine stars, and up-and-comers. We’re extremely proud, not just of our skiers’ skill, but also their attitude. Everyone on the team loves their sport and is dedicated beyond belief. As for the contest, I can’t say quite yet, but the Newschoolers members should start putting on their thinking caps. Doug: Where do you see the sport of skiing going in the future? Rom: Right now skiing is filled with a sense of youth and excitement. I see this excitement continuing as the sport grows and matures. The revolution started with a few skiers, then others followed. Companies have changed to meet our needs but few have rebuilt from the ground up. In the future I see other companies following in the footsteps of progressive brands like Sublux. Resorts will also change to accommodate our needs. These changes are already starting. Areas like Whaleback and Boreal are catering to us by reinventing their mountains and base areas. Resorts like Jackson and Bridger Bowl are loosening restrictions on backcountry access. Events like the X-Games are showing the general public that skiing isn’t just an excuse for fat old men to go outside in the winter. Ultimately, I see resorts and companies catering to us if they want to be successful. I see Sublux as a leader in a diverse offering of lifestyle clothing for skiers. I picture that our fresh ideas will foster the growth of this company. We will be able to take even better care of the artists and athletes, allowing for even better designs. We will offer more styles, and give even more back to skiing and skiers. I envision skiing as a more-respected sport properly portrayed by the mainstream media. Finally, I see skiing continuing to be a whole lot of fun. Doug: How long have you been a member of A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, I was a member of Newschoolers in the days before cable modems. However, dial-up connections and the constantly crashing site got the best of me. Eventually, I stopped logging on and forgot my password. I started to just read the news on the front page every once in a while. But I’ve been back since last year with a new not-so-secret identity on Newschoolers. Doug: What do you think about Newschoolers? Don’t hold back, I want the TRUTH! And yes, I can handle the truth.Rom: Newschoolers is the shit. The news on the front page is more relevant and frequently updated than any other site. For every person running their mouth in the forums, there are two others providing useful, intelligent information. The members post some amazing pictures and videos that blow my mind. No where else can you literally watch the growth of a skier, from just another pumped kid on a website to a full-blown international star. Finally, this website has more of an influence on the sport than pretty much anything else. I don’t think there are many who fully understand just how much the opinions voiced here are listened to. Thanks to Romolo for taking so much time to do an interview with us.  He was also kind enough to send over some art pieces from the people who will be designing the clothing.   Check them out!

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