Scott Damon is an incredible skier with a baller attitude! After a year holding it down on the team, Scott is a full fledged member of the Surface family and we sincerely appreciate having him on the program. Here's a little Q & A with our homie Scott Damon! photo by Ian Matteson

1) Between skiing, high dives, and on the ground, I have probably done around 1873 flips since 2009...or way to many!2) My favorite activity outside of skiing is probably swimming, bowling, or just hangin with the ladies.3) I started skiing when I was 5 years old up at Park City and just joined Axis Freeride a few years back, skiing as much as I can. Trying to learn as many tricks with my homies and having way too much fun!4) The most important thing in my life is to try and be friends with everyone I meet and learning as much as I can in life. Including trickery on the slopes!!5) If it suddenly stopped snowing.... I would probably try to invent a machine that enables a world of snow again. If that didn't work out, please more by Ian Matteson
7) Favorite book would be Horton Hears A Who. So tight.8) Well Im diggin Ya'meen-Method Man to pump me up. Or something classy like G Code-Geto Boys.9) Favorite trick is floatin huge rodeo 5'sphoto by J Eichhorst
10) Happiness in 5 words. Parties, music, good food, girlfriend, SKIING!

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