There’s been a lot of controversy around magazines using Photoshop to make real people look unrealistically pretty or fit, but what if you could actively Photoshop what you saw and experienced? That’s the question the people over at Sad and Useless decided to ask, and the answers are pretty hilarious:

Now if only there was an “anti-slurring” tool… maybe in CS6?


For when you don’t wanna turn hiking into a water sport


They say “you can’t fix stupid,” but why not give it a shot anyway?


Not sure if you want the D800 or 5D Mark III? Now you can buy both… several times over


Be sure to head over to their website if you wanna see more, and don’t hesitate to throw in some of your own suggestions in the comments down below. What Photoshop tools would you use to make the real world a bit more appealing?

If I Could Use Photoshop in Real Life… [Sad and Useless]