Appropriate information on what are hives helps people who get affected by it to find the proper way to deal with it. . A patient can benefit from the assistance of a doctor if medical help is made available at the right time. Known as Urticaria, hives infection in humans can be cured if a person has correct knowledge about hives symptoms and what causes hives.Symptoms of Hives Infection ?    Itchiness of skin, especially at the infected body part?    Soreness of throat?    Runny nose or coughCauses of Hives Infection?    Allergy due to foodstuffs like eggs, strawberries, peanuts, milk, soy, shellfish, wheat, etc.?    Consumption of antibiotics such as penicillin or drugs like ?sulfa drugs??    Added additives in various foodstuffs or medicines like food dye tartrazine ?    Contact with latex?    Viral infection?    Some sort of poisonous insect bites or insect sting?    Heavy exercise regime or excessive stress?    Exposure to excessive heat or extreme cold  Treatment for Hives InfectionHives skin infection is basically of two types: Acute and chronic. Diagnosis and treatment of acute hives is possible but it is difficult to manage the problem of chronic hives infection. To treat hives, histamines are advised by a physician which can be taken along with other home based treatment. A patient can also take natural treatment if the skin infection persists for a while. Follow the tips given below for hives treatment.?    A person diagnosed with hives infection should follow the prescription given by the doctor to get immediate and effective results.?    Usually, consumption of medicines like oral antihistamines and other antihistamines such as ?Zyrtec? or ?Claritin? is advised. The patient can consume these to get positive results. ?    Apart from the treatment and medication, it is suggested to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene. This way, the infection does not spread to the other body parts or to any other person.