Hey guys!I can´t say that much has happened since my last post.These last 3,4,5... actually this last week I´ve been sitting inside watching the rain, ready to go out and play some golf if the rain stops. It never stops. I actually like playing golf in the rain once in a while, it´s really nice to come home super wet, jump in the shower, put on some sweatpants, big hoodie, make a delicious meal and just kick back and chill. Maybe the reason why I like it so much is because it´s kinda the same feeling you get after a really cold day tearing up the mountain. I just realized that these to scenarios are almost exactly the same. Like I said, once in a while it´s great, but you get a little tired of it cause you can´t perform the way you like. On the golf side the shafts get wet, cold hands, you get no roll on your strokes, you have to wear more clothes so you can´t swing like you want to (or it feels like you can´t). On the skiing side you also get cold hands so you don´t even want to grab your skis, wearing more clothes makes me feel stiff, it feels like I can´t bend and do the same things that I would if I was wearing a T-shirt and a jacket, Your whole body get´s cold so if you fall it feels like your body will be shattered into a million pieces. Like I said, I like it once in a while cause of the feeling you get afterwards, but at the end it ´s just frustrating cause it get´s so much harder to perform. I got nominated for skier of the year by Fri Flyt Magazine. This is the biggest extreme sport magazine in Norway and they´ll host the Fri Flyt Awards saturday 3. of October. So hit up http://www.friflyt.no and vote for who you think should be the winner of the different categories. This is a Norwegian website and a Norwegian survey so I guess it will be a little hard for the English speaking folks! -PEACE-