Whaddup Newschoolers! Its SeanyJ and Nipples and this is Big Boulders first park update.

To start off, Big Boulder opened November 10th , with a full blown jib park, yes we said it and it happened November 10th !

They had a ton of jibs up and everyone was super stoked to be on snow so early.  

Opening weekend edit. http://youtube.com/watch?v=jDOT6HK1fno

Big Boulders main park opened up mid December with a ridiculous jump line and more gnarly jibs.

You know Boulder is legit when the Roundtop Riders held their reunion at Boulder over the Christmas holiday.

RoundtopRider Edit - Thanks Jason! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoRjJRGHVCE

As soon as the parks were up, the comps started coming, including the original Friday night series, which will be continuing into late February. So you might want to head down for that for a chance to win a snowmobile.

The first jump seems to be the most popular jump. It not super big but its poppy and fun. Kyle W  killing the spraffy on the first jump.

Team rider Sean Jordan as displayed here utilizes Big Boulder’s jumps to their full potential.

Another one of Boulder’s team riders, Nipples sets up for a front 450 out. Big Boulder is known for their quality and creative super fun jibs.

You guessed it, another team rider Jon Brogan, one of the steeziest riders on the mountain.

Will Eginton, who took the pics for this update is rippin on the rainbow in freedom jib park.

Well, that’s it for our first park update. 

To see more edits, team member profiles, comp dates and

lists of features on the 6 different parks, go to http://www.bigboulderpark.com/