My favorite thing about midwest skiing is how it is free from the Rocky Mountain ski companies/resorts. (not bashing them at all, they are badass). The thing I'm worried about is their influence on the midwest skiing culture. Midwest skiing is known for its small 'mountains' and CHEAP passes. Thats what I LOVE about the midwest, how cheap it is. I don't need to spend $100 for a day or $2000 for a season pass. I can get a deal on a full season pass Trollhaugen for $99, thats less than ONE day skiing out west. I am worried that because Vail bought Afton, and jacked its prices up, other western resorts will do the same thing Vail did out west ( buy every single resort and double the price of a lift pass).

Do you think that Vail has damaged the innocent prices of the midwest?

*no hate on the Rocky Mountain resorts :)