Doug will probably get pissed and say, "Make them buy a park update!"

Whatever. I don't play by the rules, as you can clearly see by the bad ass, cell phone, Myspace styled self-portrait featured so boldly above. West Mountain doesn't play by the rules anymore either. The old guard used to have rules like, "No Terrain Parks" and "No Skiing Without a Lift Ticket." While you still need a lift ticket to access the terrain, the new guard has openly embraced their new terrain park. Management intelligently hired my good friend Mark Fragassi and Mark went ahead and hired a great park crew. Everybody wins! Except the few that want to ride for free but nobody likes those guys anyway. Here's a short video of West Mountain's terrain park. The park crew constructs something new and fun seemingly every time I visit. Thanks park crew.Quick Tour of West Mountain's Terrain Park from Mike Rogge on Vimeo.-RoggeP.S. launches Monday or Tuesday - right before Dew Tour.