For every great ski photo, there's 10,000 really, really shitty ones. Then again, out of those 10,000, at least a few are pretty damn funny.

Here are a few shots that didn't make our official West Coast Session coverage, for obvious reasons.

This was the first photo I took of the event, and the last time Eric Norman hit a rail during the event. The skis are called "Watch Life", so I like to call this photo "Watch Life Die".

A second later, from cko's point of view. Now thats what I call afterbang.

Crash photos are always hilarious, unless it's you in them.

If you still don't know what 4bi9 stands for, Alex Martini is displaying a quarter of the acronym right here. The other three quarters? he smoked them already.

Max Peters snagged the best shot on the rainbow. He also got this shot. Hey, they say Babe Ruth held the record for most strikeouts.

Tim Durtschi one-foots Mt. Hood!

Skiing brings people together. Sometimes a bit too close together.

I dont know why this photo of Witt is so funny... but it is.

Six pairs of the same boots... and Bishop about to rock Richie's world with a death cookie.

I threw this one in just because Creighton seems to have quite the following on NS.

Story of my life: the photog blows it again.