Words by Ethan Stone

Photos by Rocky Maloney, Drew Smalley, Ethan Stone & Jordan Harper

This is the first-ever "West Coast Session Day 5" post, because we've never done five days of Sessioning before. This year thanks to our wonderful hosts Timberline and Windells Camp as well as our other sponsors, we were able to session an incredible variety of features over the past five days, and today we managed to squeeze in three, in a end quite suitable for a groundbreaking West Coast Session.

As always, we started off with a brief warm-up in the park...

After five days in this park, "warm-ups" are starting to look like this. Ryan Wyble boosts out of the quad kink.

Max Peters, with majestic Mt. Jefferson in the background.

Reed Lewis's hand-drag underflip on the rainbow box is a sight to be seen.

Then it was on to the first feature on the hit list: the 80-foot Midway booter, situated at the half-buried midway station of the Palmer Snowfield. We had gotten a few hours in on this jump already, but had yet to capture the shots we were looking for. Today was the day.

Matt Heffernan gets down on the jump.

Nicky Keefer was pissed that he didn't keep his legs together in this shot. Don't worry Nicky, it still looks pretty good.

Next up was the wallride feature, right next to the big jump at Midway. Luka Melloni was the only soul courageous enough to gap straight onto the wallride, but a few other riders, including Reed Lewis (pictured above) got down with some craaazy tricks off the side-hit option.

Ty Barnes dropping in.

The third and final feature on our list was this step-up elegantly carved out of one of Timberline's huge canyon cornices. Today was our first chance to test this jump, and it was an instant hit.

Max Peters floats a rodeo on the step-up.

Karl Fostvedt rodeo.

After hitting the step-up until late in the afternoon, it was finally time to call it quits after a long and successful day on the hill. In the evening we convened for a final rider's meeting to vote on the WCS Rider Awards, which we'll announce in our wrap-up article on May 17th. The submissions from the filmers competing in the Camtrol Session Showdown will also be posted online starting on the 17th, so keep an eye out for them, as they're going to be insane!

Don't forget, thewestcoastsession.com is the place to go to find all the latest and best from the West Coast Session.