Words by Ethan Stone

Photos by Alex Loren, Drew Smalley, Rocky Maloney & Ethan Stone

Day 3 at the West Coast Session dawns on a crew of riders hungry to extract the best shots possible out of Timberline's epic spring park setup. Don't forget, you can ski here for the rest of May for only 110 bucks with the Spring Pass. That's not a bad deal.

"It's just another day with you and me in paradise." - Phil Collins

The park crew has added an additional jib section on the lift line this spring, turning the Stormin' Norman chairlift into a sea of park features.

Conway's four-jump medium line is immaculate right now.

Nicky Keefer, Shane McFalls and Erik Olson of Team Yoke getting ready to drop in.

While the big booter on the Palmer Snowfield gets prepped for the afternoon, the squad warms up in the park. Competition amongst the film teams is getting intense with Team Mahalo already claiming the win. Rumors are flying about Reed Lewis doing seven different doubles. Meanwhile each team has been given the assignment to recruit a new member. Jasper Newton's Team TBA (Taco Breath Army) is the first to make a draft, picking up Oregon local Conner Bennett.

Conner shows why he's been "recruited."


Jason Arens boosts in the Spray Paint Park.

Hillcrest Sports team rider Joey Vandermeer grabbin' dat blunt.

Collin Collins over the rainbow box.

Ryan Wyble dropping in to the gauntlet.

Soon enough the call is made to head up to the Palmer Snowfield, where the Timberline crew has been hard at work preparing this year's 80-foot jump and accompanying wall ride feature. With a new location straddling the Palmer midway station (which is still completely buried in snow), everyone's excited to see how the spot will turn out.

Timberline park grooming supervisor Kyle Bradley snapped this shot in the morning after pimping out these features all night. Thanks Kyle!

Dale Talkington warms up with some cork 7s.

McRae Williams

After a few hours of sessioning the jump, it's time to head back to Windells Camp for a quick break before returning for the planned sunset shoot.

Home for the week.

Photographers Rocky Maloney, Alex Loren and Drew Smalley catch a ride up.

The riders get a tow up to the jump.

The wind is blowing hard up on the snowfield, but a few riders are still down to get some hits in.

Rocky Maloney gets the shot of Mike McLeod getting the shot of Dale Talkington.

Unfortunately for us, the wind just keeps increasing, so we make the call to scrap the jump shoot for tonight. But luckily we have a backup plan!

...a party inside the wallride!

Bill Kelly.

Just kidding... the back-up plan is actually our up-box to gap over a rock, aka the Rock Box.

A hike session gets underway.

Tosh Peters gettin' er done.

And that wraps it up for Day 3 at WCS! We've had unprecedented good weather for this Session and everyone's feeling the brunt of so many days skiing, so Day 4 is scheduled to be a "take-it-easy" day - as easy as these skiers are able to take it, anyway. We'll be back with more updates before you know it, and check out http://www.thewestcoastsession.com for more info!